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  1. 1) Import the company from CW via Tools -> Import -> Import Companies from ConnectWise. Choose the option to create locations.
  2. 2) With the client and main office location created, open the client level and add domain admin credentials.
  3. 3) Open the location(s) and set the default login and deployment package within Deployment & Defaults.
  4. 4) With the location open, hit the Ignite tab to enable onboarding and select the managed service plans.
  5. 5) Since your patching schedules are currently done via group/search rather than enabling via Ignite, perform the following:
  6. 5a) Open the Patch Manager and go to Configuration
  7. 5b) Create a new group from a new autojoin search
  8. 5c) The autojoin search should search for the new client name and an OS of Windows
  9. 5d) Apply the appropriate approval, deployment and reboot policies to the group
  10. 6) Deploy via preferred method: manual, group policy, network probe

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